Commercial cleaning


12 Aug: Why a dirty office makes us sick

Uncleanly offices are breeding grounds for employee sicknesses. In fact, workers suffering from building-related illnesses even has a term – “sick building syndrome”. But employees aren’t the only ones suffering – their companies suffer too, costing the company billions in lost productivity, sick days and more. Long story short, employee absenteeism from sickness ends up being a greater burden on business owners than the cost of a cleaning crew!

12 Aug: Can a clean office boost productivity?

Your company will always have an audience- whether it is passersby, current employees, potential clients, or a new hire. You don’t want to send someone running by the first look at your lobby or office. A clean appearance retains staff and says a good deal to a client about how you care for your company, staff and employees, and how you will treat them. Promote your professionalism with a clean space.