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School & Childcare Cleaning Services

School & childcare cleaning services often require special attention to detail to satisfy strict hygienic requirements.

With expertise in cleaning in educational sectors for years, Namoli understands cleaning service we provide contributes to the positive and healthy development of children, in an environment where they can explore safely and learn securely.

Our Children-Focused Approach For School & Childcare Cleaning Services


Childcare centres are unique in their cleaning needs because of the nature of its environment. With this in mind, our childcare cleaning services follow a strict cleaning procedure and standard that put children first.

Here are a few points in our cleaning procedures in a childcare setting:

  • We always use natural and non-toxic cleaning products.
  • We allocate responsibilities to specialist cleaners who are experienced in cleaning in a school/childcare environment.
  • We ensure maximum hygiene by paying attention to detail while cleaning, especially in play areas, tables, chairs, floors, toilets, change tables, etc.
  • We maintain a transparent & proactive line of communication with childcare centres/ schools.
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Namoli Childcare Cleaning Process


Our childcare cleaning process guarantees every part of your centre stays clean all the time. Our three pillars for success ensures that everything is covered and that the execution process is at its finest.

The three pillars include:



Making sure that every corner and everything inside the centres are thoroughly cleaned safe for kids. We will take photos of those areas (with your guide & permission) so that they get the same attention every time.



Ensuring that the processes and execution are done according to the specifications, needs and unique preferences of the childcare facilities. We are committed to ensuring the best possible quality service for the benefit of our clients.


We ensure that the service we offer is a real value for your money through the use of child-safe cleaning agents and equipment. We are also utilising the latest technologies to make sure that everything is perfect.


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