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Namoli is a corporate cleaning service committed to providing outstanding commercial cleaning services across Brisbane and surrounding areas. Consider our services your behind-the-scenes secret to running a happy and productive office.

Our comprehensive range of services include the following:

Bathroom Cleaning

Your employees and customers deserve clean, sanitised restrooms, daily. We maintain day to day cleanings, sanitise surfaces, and make sure the restroom has a clean, pleasant scent. We also offer high-pressure cleanings to remove build up on contaminated surfaces, remove any soil or dirty water, as needed. We take care of stocking towels, tissue paper, and make sure all cleaning machines or hand dryers are functioning properly. 

Carpet Cleaning

We provide daily carpet cleaning, or as-needed, in response to spills, flood damage, stain removal, odour control and more.  Our carpet cleaning process will remove any dirt and residue. We offer daily cleaning services for those who require it on a regular basis. This ensures your carpeting is staying cleaning, longer. We make sure the carpeting has a clean and pleasant scent. Regular carpet cleaning truly benefits your employees’ health and hygiene, and leads to a healthier workplace.

Steam Cleaning

We provide high pressure cleaning services such as dirt and stain removal, spill cleanup and more.  Our steam cleaning process uses a standard hot water extraction method which will have your carpets thoroughly cleaned, down to the underlay, no matter their thickness. For those who do not require daily carpet cleaning, we recommend that any surface be steam cleaning every 5-6 months to remove dirt, dust, mites and skin cells that eventually wear away at the carpets’ appearance, create an odour and a health hazard to employees’ eye and sinuses. We can coordinate our services so that we do not interrupt your business hours with our cleaning or by damp floors as in the case of steam carpet cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

We also provide upholstery cleaning services and can apply these same steam cleaning extraction techniques to any fabric-covered surfaces, such as couches. This is one way to quickly and cost-effectively breathe life back into your office furniture, and extend the life of any carpeted or fabric surface. 

Vinyl Floor and Hard Floor Maintenance

Shiny, clean floors can transform your building! Namoli offers vinyl floor and hard floor maintenance, daily or routinely. Our floor services include stripping, sealing and polishing floors, restoring dull or scuffed floors, cleaning and mopping floors, cleaning tile and grout, and we also offer floor care maintenance plans. If you have a high traffic area that must be cleaned, mopped or refinished, this type of proper care and maintenance can leave your floors shiny and clean and give it the face lift it needs. If your floors are looking worn or tired we can reseal and polish to bring the floor back to its original state. We can increase durability, reduce any marks or scratches with a glossy, non-slip finish. We offer daily wet or dry mopping to maintain the hygiene of flooring. Ongoing maintenance plans keep your floor in great condition and also save you money as it extends the life of your flooring surfaces.

Window Cleaning

We offer a range of professional, commercial window cleaning services that will leave your windows clean and pristine, with no streaks or smudges. Using specialized equipment we can provide window cleaning solutions to remove the dirt from glass, leaving it spot free.

Trash Disposal

Namoli offers daily trash disposal. We can regularly collect waste from each employee’s office, or throughout the building. We can remove old equipment or furniture as well with our bulk waste services, so you are hassle-free, there is no garbage smell build-up or pest issues.

Green Cleaning Services

We follow environmentally-friendly practices in our cleaning services. We use green/ environmentally safe methods, minimalising the use of chemicals, carefully disposing of waste, recycling, and following as many sustainable practices as we can. We are committed to managing matters environmentally, responsibly, from our day-to-day tasks and operations and onward.   Our green cleaning services combine the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products with waste reduction strategies, to limit our footprint without compromising on hygiene or cleaning standards. 

Namoli Service Locations

Namoli offers the above listed services at any of the following locations throughout Brisbane and surrounds:

  • Offices, Small Offices to Large Office Parks
  • Healthcare Facilities/Hospitals
  • Schools/Educational Facilities/Childcare Building
  • Logistics/Transport Industry Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hospitality/Restaurants
  • Service Providers/Sport Clubs
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Shopping Centers
  • Stores & Showrooms
  • Industrial Facilities

Why Hire Namoli Corporate Cleaning

Namoli offers 100% quality guaranteed corporate cleaning services. Whether it is the first cleaning we have done for you or the hundredth, our standards for excellence remain. Standing by our unique business model of “creating office harmony”, we truly want your workplace to be the cleanly and organised environment where each employee is happy, comfortable, able to be productive and do their best work.  We identify each customer’s needs and provide a customised solution around those needs so that we can deliver a positive customer experience, every time. We use the latest cleaning technology to give you the best results possible, and we make sure every job is done right. We provide 24/7 support for clients and franchisees, and all personnel are fully covered under our insurance. We guarantee the most excellent cleaning services available anywhere in Brisbane and surrounding areas.